NEWS | Oct. 30, 2019

M249: Carrying Handle Collar Inspection Criteria Clarification


We need to clarify what was stated in our M249 barrel collar story on Page 39 of PS 802 (click on image below to access copy of the article).

Yes, it’s true the barrel is NMC if there is any movement of the barrel collar.  But we didn’t say what is moving. 

Movement in the handle is not the same as movement in the barrel collar.

This picture and explanation show you that the handle bracket can be a little loose.
Graphic depicting the components of the M249 barrel assembly
(Click on image above to enlarge)

It’s the locking bushing and the barrel nut that can’t move at all.

Here’s something to think about. The handle is not a carrying handle.  Its only purpose is to change the barrel. When you carry the weapon by the handle, you weaken the spring that locks the barrel into the weapon.

The bottom line is, the handle can have a little movement. The locking bushing and the barrel nut can’t.
So don’t deadline the barrel if just the handle is loose.