NEWS | Oct. 28, 2019

Don’t Let AN/PVS-14 Missing Parts Stay Missing

Units have had a real problem with Soldiers not reporting missing power and gain control knobs from AN/PVS-14 night vision devices. 
Picture of power knob on AN/PVS-14  Picture of gain control knob on AN/PVS-14
Power or gain knobs disappear? Get them replaced ASAP

They keep using the AN/PVS-14 without the knobs and next thing you know the knob shaft is broken. What would have been a cheap repair suddenly becomes an expensive one. 

The same goes for the objective lens cap.  Without it, the image intensifier tube gets damaged by too much light. That costs $1.5K to replace

It’s normal for items like knobs and caps to disappear when you go to the field.  But report it when they do. They can be replaced in minutes. And you’ve saved your unit expensive repairs.

Here are the NSNs for the knobs and cap:
Item NSN Cost
Power knob 5930-01-246-8264 $4.17
Gain control knob 5355-01-524-3881 $4.18
Objective lens cap 5340-01-397-6608 $0.41

Three other things often disappear:
Item NSN Cost Notes:
Eyeguard* 6650-01-444-1229 $21.00 It’s used when the sight is mounted on a weapon
Eyecup* 5855-01-246-8273 $3.00 It’s used when it’s mounted on a helmet
Neck cord 4020-01-446-8097 $0.47  
*Both the eyeguard and eyecup prevent light from shining from the eyepiece that could alert the enemy. 

The best protection for the AN/PVS-14 is the storage case, NSN 5855-01-398-4284. If Soldiers store the sight in the case when not in use, it won’t be damaged or disappear.  They can tie the case to their pack with something like 550 cord.