NEWS | Oct. 10, 2019

M30 BEB: Adapter Pallet Cable Needs Backup

The M15 bridge adapter pallet (BAP) is used to launch and retrieve the new M30 bridge erection boat (BEB). A new BAP is issued with every M30.

But be aware there are reports of damage to the high stress areas near the cable’s bullet on older BAPs. 
Watch high-stress areas for cable damage

That could mean failure and an accident if the cable deteriorates enough. PMCS for the BAP’s cable is covered as Item 14 in WP 0035-8 of TM 5-3990-263-13&P (Apr 12). Pay special attention to the area where the cable enters the bullet. Tell your mechanic if the cable has broken wire strands or lots of wear.

As an added safety measure, a winch head cable lock (WHCL) was designed to prevent equipment damage and personnel injury because of cable failure.

Use the WHCL when you launch or retrieve the BEB to the ground without the BAP. One WHCL, NSN 3950-20-011-8856, is now issued with each BAP and becomes part
of the M15’s basic issue items (BII).

Shipments of the WHCL will begin this year with one for each previously issued M15 BAP. Units will receive them as free issue.