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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | Oct. 9, 2019

8816M BMPM: Pave the Way to a Smooth Start

Operators, keep these tips and procedures in mind before cranking up your 8816M bituminous material paving machine—your BMPM—at the worksite.

These reminders can mean the difference between efficient paving and unnecessary down time.
Start Up
  1. Make sure the EMERGENCY STOP switch on each control panel is off and the left and right joysticks are in the neutral position.

  2. Set the RUN/STOP toggle switches on both the left and right control pedestals to the STOP position.
  3. Make sure the BMPM’s BATTERY DISCONNECT switch is set to ON.
  4. Set either the left or right RUN/STOP toggle switches to the RUN position.
  5. Turn the keyless switch clockwise to the AUX position. Then continue turning the switch clockwise to the IGN position to engage the starter.
  6. Release the switch back to the AUX position once the engine starts.
10-Minute Warm-Up

The engine needs to warm up for 10 minutes in cold weather before the BMPM is operated. Warm-up allows the vehicle’s hydraulic oil to circulate for smooth operation. You’ll find this info in WP 0006-3 of TM 5-3895-385-10 (Nov 11).

Don't Use Spray Can Ether!

This can’t be emphasized enough. Do not use spray can ether as a starting aid for the paving machine’s engine! The engine has an intake air pre-heater. Using ether spray might cause a fire or explosion that could kill someone!

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