NEWS | Oct. 8, 2019

Tactical Vehicles & Trailers: Your Best Bet? A Cargo Net

A cargo net is your best bet for safety and security anytime you’re hauling stuff.

An interior cargo net keeps gear in place and prevents stuff from hitting the driver or passengers if the vehicle swerves or rolls over. A net also keeps gear from bouncing around the cargo bay where it’ll likely get broken or damaged.

An exterior cargo net does the same thing for your bigger loads outside. Use one to keep your load from hitting the road!

Some of the more common cargo nets may fit multiple vehicles or have additional capabilities. But it’s up to each unit to determine which nets best meet their needs.

Here are common nets referenced in the TMs:
  • Interior containment net, NSN 3940-01-509-9096, for all HMMWV models except M997A3, M1113 and M1167 (may also be used as an exterior net on HMMWVs with rear open cargo beds).
  • Additional cargo tie-down net, NSN 3990-01-429-9352, for HMMWV model series M1114, M1151, M1152 and M1165.
  • Additional cargo tie-down net, NSN 5340-01-415-8672, for HMMWV models M1151, M1151A1, and M1167.
  • Cargo net for M1101 and M1102 trailers comes in accessory kit, NSN 2540-01-483-5853.
  • Exterior cargo net, NSN 3990-01-603-9090, for MaxxPro M1235A4, M1235A5, and M1266A1.