NEWS | Oct. 4, 2019

AFSBn Northeast Asia Revamps TM Library

Dear Editor,

AFSBn-Northeast Asia's mission is to receive, store, maintain, account for and, on-order, issue, Army Prepositioned Stocks-4 (unit sets, operational projects and sustainment stocks), located in Korea and Japan, in order to provide strategic flexibility and depth to Joint/ Combined and U.S. Army forces.

Storing and maintaining the TMs to accompany these prepositioned stocks can be a challenge. Not only are there a lot of them but ensuring they're easy to access and up-to-date takes time and energy.

Please share the attached article to find out how AFSBn-NEA tackled the challenge.

LTC John M. Ruths

Editor's Note: Sir, you bet! Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge with others.