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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | Oct. 1, 2019

621G Scraper: Save Power for When You Need It

If your 621G scraper has been sitting for a long time, it may not start when you need it. The batteries in these vehicles are known to drain if they sit too long without a start.

No juice means you’re going nowhere—at least not until help arrives for a slave start.

So after the day’s run, make sure you use the vehicle’s battery disconnect switch. It cuts off all flow from the batteries, so you’ll have the power you need for that
next start.

The battery disconnect switch is located at the front of the vehicle behind the engine panel on the right side. Simply flip back the switch’s cover and use the key to switch the disconnect to the STOP position.

Of course, you’ll need to remember to turn the switch back down to the run position before trying to start the scraper again. Otherwise, you won’t get any power at all!
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