NEWS | Sept. 30, 2019

DLA: How Do I RTD?

Dear Cloe,

Pages 56-57 of PS 777 (Aug 17) described how to turn in excess furniture to DLA Disposition Services. What’s the process if your unit needs to request furniture from DLA?


Dear Specialist,

To access DLA’s reutilization, transfer and donation (RTD) program, you’ll need to create an Account Management and Provisioning System (AMPS) account.

Check out pages 55-60 of PS 801 (Aug 19) for instructions:

Or follow this link:

You’ll also need to request the AMPS role in DLA Disposition Services Prod RTD Customer DDS-413.

Once you’ve established an AMPS account and received your AMPS role, you’ll need to setup access to the RTD website. Here’s how:

Go to the DLA Enterprise External Business Portal website:

Since you’re in the Army, you’d choose Department of Defense. Just below the application menu, you’ll select your role. If you aren’t an Account Supply Officer (ASO) or a Property Book Officer (PBO), choose DoD Screener. If you’re not sure whether or not you’re an ASO or PBO, contact your chain of command. Click Submit and an application form will open.

Once your request for an RTD role is reviewed, you’ll receive an email either approving or denying it. If approved, log back into the DLA External Business Portal and you’ll see a DoD link. Now you’re ready to search and request property. Click the link to find out how:

If your request is denied, you’ll receive an explanation in RTD Web. 

Questions? Call the DLA Customer interaction Center: