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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | Sept. 27, 2019

Small Arms: The Right Sight Match for Your Weapon

[This is a corrected copy to the previous version and corrects information in PS 803 (Oct 19), pp. 28-33. Corrections are highlighted in yellow.]

The Army gives Soldiers all sorts of choices for sights, lasers and infrared illuminators to use on their rifles, pistols and machine guns.

But it can be difficult to tell what can be used where and how to find info on mounting and using a device.

So we’re going to help END that confusion! Here’s a list of sights, their NSNs and TMs, along with what weapons they can be used on:
AN/PEQ-15 multi-functional aiming light:
NSN 5855-01-537-6000 (family) (LIN J03261):
AN/PEQ-15 (tan), NSN 5855-01-577-7174
AN/PEQ-15 (black), NSN 5855-01-534-5931

Both are covered by TM 9-5855-1914-13&P
The AN/PEQ-15 can be used on the:
  • M16-series rifle
  • M4/M4A1 carbine
  • M249 machine gun
  • M240B machine gun
  • M2 machine gun
  • MK 19 machine gun

AN/PEQ-14 integrated laser white light pointer (ILWLP)
(LIN J68403):
AN/PEQ-14 (tan), NSN 5855-01-571-1258
AN/PEQ-14 (black), NSN 5855-01-538-0191

Both are covered by TM 9-5855-1911-13&P

The AN/PEQ-14 is used only on the M9 pistol in MP units.

MX-12597/U pistol aiming laser:
NSN 5855-01-679-4066

It has no TM.

The enhancer is used with the new M17/M18 pistol.

AN/PEM-1 - Laser borelight system (LBS) (LIN L05005):
NSN 5860-01-471-2091 

TM 9-5860-226-13&P

The AN/PEM-1 is used on all small arms and is authorized through the CTA.

AN/PSQ-23 small tactical optical rifle mounted (STORM) micro laser range finder (MLRF) (LIN J68653):
AN/PSQ-23 (tan), NSN 5855-01-577-5946 TM 9-5855-1913-13&P     
AN/PSQ-23 (black), NSN 5855-01-535-1905 TM 9-5855-1913-13&P
AN/PSQ-23A, NSN 5855-01-600-0486 TM 9-5855-1920-13&P
AN/PSQ-23B, NSN 5855-01-646-5962 TM 9-5855-1922-13&P
The AN/PSQ-23 STORM is used on all individual and crew served weapons, plus the M110 sniper system and the Stryker remote weapons station.

AN/PAS-13 light weapon thermal sight (LWTS) (LIN S60356):
AN/PAS-13C(V)1, NSN 5855-01-523-7707 TM 11-5855-316-10
AN/PAS-13D(V)1, NSN 5855-01-524-4308 TM 11-5855-324-10
AN/PAS-13E(V)1, NSN 5855-01-561-0057 TM 11-5855-325-10
AN/PAS-13G(V)1, NSN 5855-01-600-2717 TM 11-5855-331-10
The LWTS can be used on the:
  • M16-series rifle•
  • M4/M4A1 carbine•
  • AT4

AN/PAS-13 medium weapon thermal sight (MWTS) (LIW S90535):
AN/PAS-13C(V)2, NSN 5855-01-523-7713 TM 11-5855-316-10
AN/PAS-13D(V)2, NSN 5855-01-524-4313 TM 11-5855-317-10
AN/PAS-13E(V)2, NSN 5855-01-561-3801 TM 11-5855-325-10
All versions of the MWTS can be used on the:
  • M16-series rifle
  • M4/M4A1 carbine
  • M240-series machine guns
  • M249 machine gun

AN/PAS-13 heavy weapon thermal sight (HWTS) (LIW S90603):
AN/PAS-13C(V)3, NSN 5855-01-523-7715 TM 11-5855-316-10
AN/PAS-13D(V)3, NSN 5855-01-524-4314 TM 11-5855-317-10
AN/PAS-13E(V)3, NSN 5855-01-561-5343 TM 11-5855-325-10

All versions of the HWTS can be used on the:
  • M16-series rifle
  • M4/M4A1 carbine
  • M2 machine guns
  • MK 19 machine gun
  • M24 sniper rifle
  • M107 sniper rifle

AN/PVS-26 night vision sight:

NSN 5855-01-538-8121

TM 9-5855-1916-13&P
AN/PVS-30 night vision sight:

NSN 5855-01-567-9243

TM 9-5855-1916-13&P
The AN/PVS-29 and AN/PVS-30 are used only on the M110 sniper system.

AN/PVS-14 monocular night vision device (LIN M79678):
NSN 5855-01-432-0524

TM 11-5855-306-10

The AN/PVS-14 is used on the M16A2 rifle, where it’s mounted behind the M68 sight.

Reflex sight, M68 close combat optic (CCO) (LIN S60288): M68 CompM4S
NSN 1240-01-576-6134

TM 9-1240-413-13&P

The M68 CompM4S can be used on the M16-series rifle and the M4/M4A1 carbine.

M150 Rifle combat optic (RCO) sight (LIN S45729):

NSN 1240-01-557-1897

TM 9-1240-416-13&P

The M150 can be used on the:
     * M16-series rifle
     * M4/M4A1 carbine
     * M249 machine gun

M145 straight telescope (LIN T60185):
NSN 1240-01-411-6350

TM 9-1240-415-13&P

The M145 is used on the M240-series machine gun.

Any time you have questions about what you can and can’t use on your weapon, check out the Small Arms Integration Book, which can be accessed at:

This is the latest version, and there’s no plan to update it. For more help, reach out to your local AMC SCB LAR.
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