NEWS | Sept. 27, 2019

UH-60A/L: Internal Rescue Hoist TM Published


TM 1-1680-320-13&P, UH-60A/L High Performance Rescue Hoist, NSN 1680-01-552-3442, is revised and available for use.

The revised TM includes more troubleshooting procedures, corrected schematics, additional maintenance procedures and other updates.

If you work on the internal rescue hoist, make sure you use the good info in the revised TM 1-1680-320-13&P (Nov 18).

And if you find any problems, send an email to the POCs in PD MEDEVAC. Contact Michael Brooks or Dave Dapkus at:
The revised TM on this internal rescue hoist TM has lots of new information. Use it for daily PMCS and maintenance.