NEWS | Sept. 27, 2019

ATLAS II Forklift: Right Scoop on Parking Brake Pad


You may run into problems when ordering new parking brake pads for the ATLAS II forklift.

Items 4 and 15 in Fig 111 of TM 10-3930-677-23&P (IETM EM 0359, Aug 16) are the items in question. Item 4 says it’s a grommet retainer when it’s actually a retainer screw. And both Item 4 and 15 say they’re components of parts kit, PN MPS4009. That’s not true.

To get the parking brake pads, order NSN 2530-00-167-9457. Note that the NSN only brings one pad. You’ll need to order two of the pads for the parking brake.

It very rarely happens, but if you need a new retaining screw, order it on a DD Form 1348-6 using part number 3105A1171 and CAGE 60250.