NEWS | Aug. 27, 2019

SATS: Enjoy a SATS Parts Treasure Hunt!

By Glen Adams

In a tool set as huge as the standard auto tool set (SATS), it’s sometimes hard to find tool and parts NSNs.  Here’s a roundup of recent answers to PS reader questions on SATS NSNs:
  •    4-ft ramp, NSN 3990-01-603-1279
  •    14-ft ramp with box, NSN 3990-01-628-2644
  •    14-ft ramp without box, NSN 3990-01-603-1275
  •    guard rails (9 each), NSN 5340-01-629-9242
  •    keyhole strap assembly (14 each), NSN 5340-01-629-9583
  •    hook strap assembly (2 each), NSN 5340-01-629-9561
  •    threshold plate, NSN 5340-01-603-1286
  •    carbon monoxide detector, NSN 6350-01-612-6014
  •    environmental control unit (ECU) pig tail, NSN 6150-01-658-5433
  •    trailer basic issue items (BII) box, NSN 2540-01-679-3053.
Don’t forget there’s a 91-page pictorial guide to every tool and drawer in SATS.  The guide lists only part numbers, not NSNs.  Those can generally be found in CL 4910-95-A81. 

If you would like a copy of the guide, you can view and download it on the PS Magazine MilSuite page (must have a CAC to access):
or email PS and we'll send you a copy: