NEWS | Aug. 1, 2019

M119A3 Towed Howitzer: Avoid Sticky Firing Pin

Crewmen, if your M119A3 howitzer is having firing pin problems, listen up!

You can keep your howitzer firing downrange by checking that the firing pin is in place and the retaining plunger is not stuck down.

A sticking retaining plunger can cause the firing pin to rotate so the round won’t fire.

Make sure that the newest configuration spring, NSN 5360-01-643-9517, and screw, NSN 5305-01-643-7398, are installed.

Installation instructions for the spring and screw are shown in WP 0102-12 of TM 9-1015-260-10 (Nov 17).

A retrofit for the new spring and screw is nearly complete for fielded howitzers, but units should be aware that the correct NSNs for both parts aren’t reflected in the RPSTL. The updated NSNs are listed above.