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NEWS | July 30, 2019

120M Grader: Stop Upper Door Stop Bends

Operators, opening and closing the 120M grader’s cab door can bend the door stop, especially if the stop is out of adjustment.
The door stop assembly has to be adjusted just right. 

If adjusted too far out, the door hits and bends the stop downward.  And if the stop is adjusted too far in, the bottom of the door hits the catch and bends outward.
That puts a lot of stress on the door. 

A bent stop can hit the window instead of the door frame.  Replacing a cracked window will set you back $850.  A new door runs about $1,158.  That’s a lot of dough to throw down the drain!
You can avoid wasting money with this simple adjustment:
  1.  Use a 1/2-inch open end wrench to loosen the hex nut on the door stop.
  2. Adjust the door stop by screwing the rubber knob in or out.  Some trial and error will be needed to get the door stop just right.  It should connect with the upper door frame without allowing the bottom of the door to hit the catch.

  3. Once the stop is properly adjusted, tighten the hex nut to hold it in place.

Eyeball the cab door’s stop as part of your weekly routine to make sure it’s adjusted just right.

By the way, don’t look in TM 5-3805-293-10 or -23 for the door stop adjustment.  it’s not in those TMs yet. But instead, follow the steps in this article.
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