NEWS | July 30, 2019

Aviation: Need Help with AGSE?

By Frank Chase PS Magazine

When you have questions about aviation ground support equipment (AGSE), contact the AGSE headshed at:

Access to the site requires a common access card (CAC). Once there, click on the AGSE tab to get quick access to product descriptions, technical manuals, maintenance messages and updated component listings.

Under the AGSE Support tab, click on AGSE Help Ticket to submit an equipment specific problem or question.
The AGSE team uses the Joint Technical Data Interchange (JTDI) website for communicating technical information, product updates, addressing issues and concerns and providing an online help ticket for customers in the field.

The JTDI website also contains technical information on Black Hawks, Apaches and Chinooks.

JTDI has other information on Automated Weight and Balance Systems(AWBS), 128th Aviation Brigade, Composites, AMCOM Logistics Center (ALC), Aircraft Survivability Equipment (ASE), Aeromechanics, Fixed Wing and Unmanned Aviation Systems (UAS).