NEWS | July 22, 2019

M109A6 Paladin: Don’t Idle the Lube


Your Paladin’s idler arm and housing can take a beating during missions. That’s why you need to show it some TLC during semi-annual checks and services

There are two lube points for each idler arm and housing.

Neglect the lube and the arm can lock up or even shear off during operation.


The first lube point is behind the idler wheel on top of the idler arm.


It’s easy to overlook this one since it’s often covered in dust and mud. Be sure to clean it off before lubing so you don’t force in any dirt.


​The second lube point is in a recessed area inside the mechanical drive housing, NSN 3040-00-179-5562. Because the lube point sits back out of sight, it’s often forgotten.


Remove the pipe plug and replace it with a grease fitting, NSN 4730-00-050-4208, to lube this area. Hit both lube points semiannually with GAA to prevent problems.