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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | July 22, 2019

IR Harness: Mixup Creates Return Credit Confusion

PS Magazine

Mechanics, getting a return credit for turn-in goes much smoother when you include the item’s proper NSN and part number. Take the Apache IR harness, for example.

A legacy IR harness, NSN 5995-01-186-8601 (PN 10078758-101), is getting returned for credit as the current IR harness, NSN 6150-01-534-0552 (PN IH-92900A-00).

While the two harnesses are interchangeable, they’re not on the same repair contract.

So when an incorrectly labeled harness is turned in to the wrong repair facility, valuable time and resources are wasted.

So before you turn in that IR harness, make sure it’s labeled with the correct NSN and part number. And be sure to send it to the right repair facility.

Identifying the difference between the two harnesses is easy.

The legacy harness has wires soldered to the IR sensor with copper tape covering the wires.

The current harness has a flat, flexible cable, NSN 5995-01-535-6286 (PN I92901A-00), with connectors that allow units to replace the IR sensors, NSN 5998-01-535-6285 (PN IH-92899A-00). The right and left IR sensor are interchangeable.


Remember, before you ship IR harnesses for repair, eyeball everything and make sure all parts are correctly labeled.    

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