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Watercraft: Sanitizing Sink Heater Replacement
By | Feb. 6, 2024
Replace your watercraft’s Hatco® sanitizing sink heater with NSN 4520-01-200-9402. And be sure to use plumber’s putty when installing the heater. Read on for more info…...

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Watercraft: Protect Engine Electrical Connections
By | Jan. 17, 2024
The electrical connections on watercraft engines are prone to shorting out. Fortunately, protecting those connections from the elements is easy. Read on for more info…...

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LCU-2000: Inspect Bow Ramp Hooks and Hinges NOW!
By | July 24, 2023
The bow ramp hooks and hinge pins for LCU-2000-series vessels can fail, causing the potential loss of the ramp. All LCU-2000 vessels are non-mission capable (NMC) until authorized by HQDA G4 to return individual vessels to...