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M26 Shotgun: Hollow Pin Screws Can Be Reused
By | Aug. 9, 2022
The M26 Shotgun hollow pin and hollow pin screw can be reused. Keep reading to get the full story...

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M500 Shotgun: New Buttstock NSN
By | July 19, 2022
If you need a new buttstock for your M500 shotgun, make sure you use the correct NSN. keep reading to learn more...

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M500 Shotgun: Receiver Missing Screws?
By | Dec. 20, 2021
Dear Editor, I’m an AMC Soldier Chemical-Biological (SCB) LAR and have found that some M500 shotguns are missing screws from the top of the receiver. The M500 shotgun isn’t deadlined if these screws are missing...