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60mm Mortars: Don’t Slack on Preventive Maintenance
By | April 15, 2022
Operators and crew members, it’s been reported that some of you aren’t following the lightweight M224A1 60mm mortar system TM 9-101-233-10 (Jul 16) when conducting PMCS. Here's what can happen when you don't...

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120mm Mortar: Have You Read the Latest SOUM?
By | Aug. 18, 2021
Soldiers, there’s a new safety of use message (SOUM) for the 120mm mortar. TACOM issued SOUM 21-008, Potential Cracks and Inclusions, on 6 Jul 21. It’s an update to SOUM 21-006, Potential Cracks and Inclusions, dated 21 Apr...

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M224A1 60mm Mortar: Nut NSN Correction to TM
By | Aug. 21, 2020
There’s a mistake in the latest pub for the 60mm mortar, TM 9-1010-233-23&P (Sep 16). The NSN listed for the recoil mechanism buffer’s plain nut shown in Item 10 in Fig 6 of WP 0036 is incorrect...

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Mortars: Turn-in the Commanders Interface Computer
By | May 5, 2020
Did you know the Commanders Interface (CI) computer, NSN 1220-01-534-9740, is being replaced by the Fire Control Computer (FCC), NSN 1220-01-612-7505? After the FCC’s fielding, make sure to turn in the old CI computer...

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M120/M120A1 Mortar: Firing Pin Alignment Doesn’t Have To Be Exact
By | Feb. 4, 2020
This article initially appeared in Issue PS 795, Page 35. TMs 9-1000-202-14, 9-1015-250-10, 9-1015-250-23&P, and 9-1015-256-13&P for the M298 tube used on M120/A1 mortars say the barrel’s white line should align with the...