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M326 Mortar Kit: Only Lead-Acid Battery Can Be Used
By | Oct. 10, 2023
Our article "No Hawkers for M326 Mortar Kit!" found in PS 773 (Apr 17) is no longer valid. The M326 mortar stowage kit can now use any brand of lead-acid battery. Read on for the details…...

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Small Arms Year-in-Review: New and Updated NSNs Captured in 2022
By | Jan. 13, 2023
Updated or new NSNs are a challenge to keep up with. Here’s a list that PS captured in 2022 for small arms. Get them here...

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81mm Mortars: Frozen Ground Emplacement
By | Jan. 11, 2023
Protecting the 81mm mortar baseplate from cracking when firing in freezing weather is critical. There are specific methods that crews can employ to protect the baseplate. Read on to learn what they are...

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60mm Mortar: Emplacing the Baseplate on Frozen Ground
By | Jan. 1, 2023
When firing the 60mm mortar during freezing conditions, the baseplate can crack. Keep reading to learn how to protect the mortar baseplate when operating your 60mm mortar in very cold weather...

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60mm Mortars: Don’t Slack on Preventive Maintenance
By | April 15, 2022
Operators and crew members, it’s been reported that some of you aren’t following the lightweight M224A1 60mm mortar system TM 9-101-233-10 (Jul 16) when conducting PMCS. Here's what can happen when you don't...

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120mm Mortar: Have You Read the Latest SOUM?
By | Aug. 18, 2021
Soldiers, there’s a new safety of use message (SOUM) for the 120mm mortar. TACOM issued SOUM 21-008, Potential Cracks and Inclusions, on 6 Jul 21. It’s an update to SOUM 21-006, Potential Cracks and Inclusions, dated 21 Apr...

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M224A1 60mm Mortar: Nut NSN Correction to TM
By | Aug. 21, 2020
There’s a mistake in the latest pub for the 60mm mortar, TM 9-1010-233-23&P (Sep 16). The NSN listed for the recoil mechanism buffer’s plain nut shown in Item 10 in Fig 6 of WP 0036 is incorrect...

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Mortars: Turn-in the Commanders Interface Computer
By | May 5, 2020
Did you know the Commanders Interface (CI) computer, NSN 1220-01-534-9740, is being replaced by the Fire Control Computer (FCC), NSN 1220-01-612-7505? After the FCC’s fielding, make sure to turn in the old CI computer...

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M120/M120A1 Mortar: Firing Pin Alignment Doesn’t Have To Be Exact
By | Feb. 4, 2020
This article initially appeared in Issue PS 795, Page 35. TMs 9-1000-202-14, 9-1015-250-10, 9-1015-250-23&P, and 9-1015-256-13&P for the M298 tube used on M120/A1 mortars say the barrel’s white line should align with the...