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Electronic Shop Van: Guidance on Missing Space Heaters
By | Feb. 7, 2024
When units turn in ESVs for overhaul, they need to include the space heater. If they don't, the space heater won't be replaced. Here’s more info what happens next...

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A20 Personnel Heater: Regular Inspections Keep Heat On
By | April 28, 2020
The A20 personnel heater doesn’t need scheduled maintenance to work properly. But regularly inspecting the heater will improve its life and performance. Here’s how to make sure the A20 heater does its job of keeping Soldiers...

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IASH: How to Get Circuit Breaker
By | Feb. 6, 2020
Need a circuit breaker for an H-140, Improved Army Space Heater (IASH), NSN 4520-01-477-0568? It’s shown as Item 14 in Fig 11 of TM 9-4520-271-24P (Feb 06). But the wrong part number, IAP-11-1-60-1.00-01, is listed in the TM...

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FOSH: Put the Heat on Old Man Winter
By | Jan. 7, 2020
When icy winds are bearing down, the family of space heaters (FOSH) may be all that stands between you and Old Man Winter. Question is, can the FOSH depend on you to keep them operating?...

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A20 Personnel Heater: Start-up Procedure Done Right
By | Dec. 12, 2019
Crewmen, your combat vehicle’s A20 personnel heater, NSN 2540-01-396-2826, will keep you warm when the temps drop. But neglect the proper start-up procedures and your heater will give you the big chill!        ...

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FOSH: Taking Ownership of Fuel-burning Heaters
By | Sept. 30, 2019
Dear Editor, as a Power Generation/Environmental Systems LAR, I’m often asked to assist with systems maintained by the 1D, 91C and 91J MOSs (ground support maintainers). Although most fuel-burning heaters are  maintained by...