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NEWS | Nov. 9, 2023

ULCANS Increment I: Updated Camouflage Nets Available

BLUF: ULCANS Increment I replaces the legacy camouflage nets and is available in several variations.

Soldiers with camo netting
Courtesy photo
The ultra lightweight camouflage net systems (ULCANS) Increment I has replaced the legacy ULCANS and is available in several variations. Each ULCANS Increment I system consists of a camouflage screen kit and a support system kit. You can order each variant for either Radar Scattering (R/S) or Radar Transparent (R/T) applications. See the table below for ordering information.

Note: There are also associated equipment such as rhombic, poles, bags, patch kits, and more. These can be ordered for the ULCANS Increment I system and are covered in TM 10-1080-256-10 (Mar 20).
New Legacy
Woodland, general purpose, R/S
NSN 1080-01-677-6912
(Camouflage Net System, R/S)
LIN U05023
Woodland R/S
NSN 1080-01-457-2956
(Camouflage Net System, R/S)
LIN C89480
Woodland, communications, R/T      
NSN 1080-01-677-6918
(Camouflage Net System, R/T)
LIN U05022
Woodland R/T
NSN 1080-01-475-0697
(Camouflage Net System, R/T)
LIN C89361
Desert/urban, R/S         
NSN 1080-01-682-4997
            (Camouflage Net System, R/S)                
            LIN U05025                    
Desert R/S
NSN 1080-01-475-0696
(Camouflage Net System, R/S)
LIN C89480
Desert/urban, R/T    
NSN 1080-01-682-5467 
(Camouflage Net System, R/T)
                       LIN U05026                               
Desert R/T
NSN 1080-01-475-0694
(Camouflage Net System, R/T)
LIN C89361
Snow/alpine, R/S
NSN 1080-01-682-5481
LIN C05156
Snow/alpine, R/T
NSN 1080-01-682-5498
LIN C05155
ULCANS Increment I and legacy ULCANS
Also see our previous article about the advantages of ULCANS Increment I HERE.

For support with ULCANS Increment I or legacy ULCANS, contact the following POCs based on your need HERE.