NEWS | Jan. 22, 2021

Night Vision Devices, Sights: Stopping Battery Leak Damage

NVD inspection
Courtesy US Army Inspector General Agency
This article originally appeared in PS 793, p. 18 (Dec 18).

Dear Editor,

Each year, night vision devices (NVDs) and small arms sights suffer thousands and thousands of dollars of damage because they’re stored with their batteries installed. The batteries leak and the acid damages or even ruins the NVDs and sights. 

All this damage can be stopped with a simple change to the turn-in procedure:

Put a box for the batteries where the NVDs or sights are turned in, normally the arms room. Have Soldiers remove the batteries themselves.   

When they approach the arms room, they should have the NVD or sight in one hand and batteries in the other. If they don’t, you know the batteries haven’t been removed. Have the Soldiers put the batteries in the box. When everything has been turned in, the batteries can be stored in the box itself. 

CPL Ryan Latour
Ft. Hood, TX

Editor’s note: Problem solved, Corporal Latour, and so easy to do! Thanks.