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NEWS | Jan. 20, 2021

Aircraft: Proper Shipping Fights Corrosion and Saves Money

Soldier performing maintenance on a Chinook engine
Photo by Charles Rosemond

Corrosion is an enemy that relentlessly attacks Army materials and components, negatively affecting cost, readiness and safety.

The fight against corrosion can’t stop, especially when turning aviation parts and components in for repair. To reduce costs and equipment loss, it’s imperative to follow packing, preserving and shipping instructions. FED LOG lists the proper method of preservation (MOP) for all parts. Use MIL-STD-2073-1E, DoD Standard Practice for Military Packaging (Jul 18), to determine the MOP before parts are shipped. Refer to equipment TMs, AR 750-59, Corrosion Prevention and Control for Army Material (Jun 20), and AR 700-15, Packaging of Army Material (Jul 18), for more guidance.

When receiving, storing or shipping (turn-in) equipment or components, check for their current condition and apply correct MOP to all parts before closing and sealing containers. When packing, preserving and shipping components to repair facilities, ensure the containers themselves are serviceable. Use TM 38-8145-709, Care of Supplies in Storage (COSIS) for Army Material (Jan 20) and refer to DA Form 7790, COSIS PMCS Inspection Sheet (front & back) for assistance.  
Note:  For unserviceable turn-ins, remember to preserve and pack assets in the container assigned to the part. This information is found in FED LOG/WebFLIS. Your supply personnel can and should assist you with this. If applicable, desiccant must be used to preserve the asset. Make sure the correct amount is used in the container or desiccant receptacle. And re-tag (TI certified) the asset, ensuring the serial number on the tag is correctly annotated on the container. Prepare a DD-2410 and accompanying documentation, make copies and include them with the shipping documents.
Because of Apache main rotor head container seal damage, water seeped in  Because of Apache main rotor head container seal damage, water seeped in
Because Apache main rotor head container had damaged seal, water seeped in
Whenever material and components arrive at the vendor or depot-level repair (DLR) facility with corrosion, the Army incurs huge repair costs. In some cases, there’s a complete loss of the asset if it’s beyond economical repair (BER).
The three pictures above show an Apache line of sight that was shipped/stored wet  

The three pictures above show an Apache line of sight that was shipped/stored wet    The three pictures above show an Apache line of sight that was shipped/stored wet  

The three pictures above show an Apache line of sight that was shipped/stored wet  
Always follow packaging, preservation and corrosion prevention guidelines before returning material and components to the supply support activity (SSA) and log points.

For assistance with AMCOM stock readiness, email Pamela Holmes, Rose Wilder or Ed Hunter at:

Or use the team email:

For more information and details about training required by AR 750-59, visit the Materials Science and Engineering Division Aviation Corrosion Program Office web page at:

You can call them at DSN 897-0209 or (256) 313-0209. Or email them at:

Here are other websites where you can research corrosion information:
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