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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | Sept. 29, 2022

All Aircraft: Eyeball Bench Stock for Bad Hardware!

BLUF: Before using bench stock, thoroughly inspect everything to make sure it is free of damage. 

Chinook undergoing maintenance in a hangar
Photo by Sgt. Andrew McNeil
This article initially appeared in PS 787 (Jun 18)
Mechanics, aviation maintenance often involves the use of common hardware such as nuts, bolts and washers. But when you use bench stock, it’s a good idea to inspect its
quality and condition.

Buying hardware in bulk for bench stock is a common practice. Sometimes we just assume everything is OK. But there have been instances where common hardware hasn’t met military specifications.

Make a practice of inspecting common hardware in your bench stock. If you find problems with an item, pull together all the maintenance information you can from the packaging, including contract purchasing information and vendor CAGE.
Only use bench stock that meets specifications
Only use bench stock that meets specifications

Use that information to complete a supply discrepancy report (SDR) or quality deficiency report (QDR). That helps identify vendors who aren’t producing hardware to standard and could prevent an aircraft incident.
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