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Would you stake your life, right now, on the condition of your equipment?
NEWS | Aug. 3, 2022

I Sustain This: July 2022 Nominees

PS Magazine’s I Sustain This campaign is designed to recognize civilian sustainers who exemplify the highest standards while maintaining equipment to meet combat readiness requirements and stay in the fight, even under the most arduous of circumstances.
This month, we had three (3) civilian sustainers nominated for this program. One was selected at random to receive the spotlight, and that individual was Bobbie S. Colbert Jr. of the TACOM Fleet Management Expansion (FMX) office, Ft Lee, VA.
Spotlight Profile

Bobbie S. Colbert Jr.
Bobbie S. Colbert Jr.
Supply Technician
TACOM Fleet Management Expansion (FMX) office, Ft Lee, VA
Nominated by: Kevin C. Peavy
Why does this person deserve recognition? The nominee maintains the operational readiness of a fleet of 200 vehicles for the training base. Mr. Colbert’s attention to detail and superior supply knowledge enables the TACOM FMX Ordnance Division at North Range to accomplish our critical objectives: zero missed training, readiness rates above 90-percent fully-mission-capable (FMC) status and adherence to funding goals. Mr. Colbert ensures that service parts are processed in Global Combat Support System-Army (GCSS-A) within two (2) hours or receipt.

Additional Comments: Additionally, he monitors the display material function within GCSS-A for errors or obsolete references and promptly notifies FMX North Range technicians. This enables them to update their reference material with the most current NSNs.
Also Nominated

Victor D. Hernandez
Heavy Mobile Equipment Repairer
Combined Arms Support Command (CASCOM) Schools, Ft Lee, VA
Maintains: M1089A1 Wrecker, M984A1 Wrecker, 10K, 6K and 5K Forklifts, LET, MCRS, RTCH
Nominated by: Donald Partin

Why does this person deserve recognition? Mr. Hernandez is the go-to guy for troubleshooting difficult tasks for all of the equipment he repairs. He's professional and efficient. Mr. Hernandez received positive feedback through the ICE reporting system from customers, received multiple bonuses for his work quality and received the Technician of the Year award. Mr. Hernandez is very well-deserving of the "I Sustain This" recognition. He takes ownership of the equipment he maintains for the Soldiers that come to the Ordnance and Transportation Schools. And he always does it with pride.
Todd D. Smock
Communications and Electronics
AMSA 28, Army Reserve at Cedar Falls, IA
Communications and NVGs
Nominated by: Corey Holman

Why does this person deserve recognition? Mr. Smock readily provides knowledge and expertise to supported units. He always ensures they're at the utmost readiness to perform their missions. The units he supports always praise the work he does for them.
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