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NEWS | March 10, 2022

FMTV: Silence Air Warning Buzzer While Troubleshooting

Photo by Spc. Vontrae Hampton
Mechanics, troubleshooting your FMTV’s electrical system with the air warning buzzer blaring can be frustrating. Here’s a simple trick to silence the buzzer while you’re working.
Air warning buzzer
Air warning buzzer

Grab that can of brake parts cleaner and remove the lid.
Remove lid from brake parts cleaner
Remove lid from brake parts cleaner
Take the lid from the brake parts cleaner and place the open end of the lid over the air warning buzzer.
Lid placed atop air warning buzzer
Lid placed atop air warning buzzer
Now you can continue working on the FMTV’s electrical system in peace and quiet. Don’t forget to remove the lid from the air warning buzzer once you’ve completed your work.
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