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NEWS | Nov. 29, 2021

Combat and Tactical Vehicles: Improved BDAR Tire Repair Kit

Listen up! The battle damage assessment and repair (BDAR) kit’s ground combat tire repair stand-alone kit, NSN 5180-01-542-8146, has been updated.
The tire repair kit is now smaller, lighter, tougher and costs less. Here are some specifics:
  1. It has a much smaller footprint and its pouch design fits into a cargo pocket.
  2. It’s lighter and easier to carry.
  3. It has two extra plies embedded into the tire plug, making the plugs more durable and repairs longer-lasting. The plugs are double-bagged, which doubles their shelf life.
Improved BDAR tire repair kit
Improved BDAR tire repair kit

Remember, repairs made with the tire repair kit are just temporary and meant to get you out of a jam. A repaired tire has to be replaced ASAP.
The kit can also be used to repair leaking radiator hoses, metal fluid lines, and gaps around doors, hatches and O-rings.

The tire repair kit comes as part of BDAR kit, NSN 2690-01-659-5620.
Questions? Contact TRADOC’s Project Office for Battlefield Recovery (TPO-BR) at DSN 298-3050/3488/4115, (410) 278-3050/3488/4415, or email:
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