NEWS | June 8, 2021

MEDEVAC: Hoist Mod Approved for Event Counter Viewing Window

A MEDEVAC outfitted Black hawk practing hovering, turns and landings on a pad alongside Gowen Field.
Photo by Thomas Alvarez
This article initially appeared in PS 803 (Oct 18), p. 26. 

Mechanics, aviation engineering directorate liaison engineers—or AED LEs—now have permission to modify the MEDEVAC’s external rescue hoist, NSN 1680-01-505-3913, aft cowling.


MEDEVAC units who want to apply the fairing modification must work through their logistics assistance representative (LAR) and liaison engineer (LE) for a maintenance engineering call (MEC) authorization letter.

If you don’t have access to a servicing LE, email AED directly at:

If units decide to perform this modification, it’s also a good idea to purchase a couple of extra fairings to keep on hand.
Modified MEDEVAC external rescue hoist
Modified rescue hoist

That way, if you need to turn in a hoist to supply, you can keep the modified fairing, which is:

AFT Cowling,
PN BL-14658-1,
CAGE 08484
(Breeze-Eastern LLC)