PS Magazine Social Media Guidelines

The following "rules of engagement" apply to PS Magazine's social media presence, which currently includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and milSuite. These guidelines are not meant to replace the rules of conduct each platform has established but supplement them. 

While we aim to provide open, interactive spaces for all on our social media platforms, we ask that you share your opinions and feedback in a respectful manner. As a fan or follower of our social media pages or accounts, you take personal responsibility for your comments, your username, and any information you submit. In that spirit, users are asked to adhere to the guidelines below. Violation of any of these guidelines may result in your comment being removed and users who repeatedly violate the posting guidelines are subject to being blocked:
  • We do not allow graphic, obscene, profane, racist, or sexist comments, photos or images under any circumstances.
  • We do not allow comments, photos or images that are abusive, hateful or slanderous to any person, organization, or nation.
  • We do not allow comments, photos or images that suggest, endorse, or encourage illegal activity.
  • We do not allow any sort of solicitation or advertisement, including endorsement of any commercial, financial, or non-governmental organization.
Additionally, the appearance of external links, as posted by fans or followers of our pages or accounts, does not constitute endorsement on behalf of PS Magazine or the U.S. Army Sustainment Command. 

We welcome posts related to preventive maintenance checks and services (PMCS), supply, logistics or readiness issues involving the U.S. Army.

We also encourage you to share your support for PS Magazine and connect with other supporters on our social media platforms, and to visit frequently for news and updates.

Thank you for being a fan of PS Magazine wherever you might follow us.

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