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NEWS | Feb. 1, 2023

M149A2 Water Trailer: Wheel Assembly NSN Updates

BLUF:  There are a couple NSN updates to WP 0095 that aren’t in the latest version of TM 9-2330-267-13&P (Dec 15).

4th Infantry Division refills a 400-gallon water trailer
Photo by Sgt. James Geelen
There’s a TACOM update to the wheel assembly for the M149A2 that’s not shown in WP 0095 or the RPSTL in TM 9-2330-267-13&P (Dec 15). The plain nut, NSN 5310-01-518-7455, shown as Item 1 in WP 0095 is the wrong part and is not to be used. The nut is commonly known as a lug nut.
The TM will be updated to show Item 1 in WP 0095 as the left-hand hexagon plain nut, NSN 5310-00-518-5566, and the right-hand hexagon plain nut, NSN 5310-01-045-3709. Before ordering the hexagon nuts check your water trailer to verify if you need the left-hand or right-hand nuts.
Additionally, Item 7 in WP 0095 will be updated to add the left-hand ribbed shoulder bolt, NSN 5306-00-733-9239. Currently, the TM only shows a right-hand ribbed shoulder bolt. The updated parts are shown here:
TM excerpt with affected parts circled
TM excerpt with affected parts circled
Jot this NSN info down until the updated TM is released.
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