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NEWS | Oct. 6, 2022

Stryker: Turn off LAP Default to Change DVE/DSAD Settings

BLUF: Turn off LAP to make manual adjustments to DVE and DSAD settings.
A recent software update for the drivers vision enhancement (DVE) and drivers situational awareness display (DSAD) on Stryker V hull and flat-bottom variants doesn’t allow crews to make manual adjustments to the display settings unless a specific default setting is changed.
The software update has local area processing (LAP) set as the default. LAP allows DVE/DSAD sensors to automatically adjust to enhance image capture and processing. That means crews can’t manually adjust view settings such as contrast and brightness unless they first remove LAP as the default setting.
To determine whether your vehicle is equipped with DVE or DSAD, and learn how to remove LAP as the default setting, see TACOM Maintenance Information Message 22-050 HERE.
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