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NEWS | April 25, 2022

M242 Automatic Gun: Safety Handle Trouble? Read MA 22-032!

Operators and maintainers, the M242 automatic gun safety pawl, NSN 3040-01-167-8326, may not be to standard because hundreds were made using outdated drawings and specifications.
If the incorrect pawl is installed on your weapon, then the manual safety handle will be unusually difficult to turn or you may not be able to turn it to the SAFE position.
To see if the issue affects your gun, you must perform the BEFORE OPERATION PMCS and dry fire operations check using the right manual (depending on vehicle type): TM 9-2350-438-10-2 (Nov 19), TM 9-2350-441-10-2 (May 21), TM 9-2350-442-10-2 (May 21) or TM 9-2350-439-10-2 (Nov 19).
If you find the manual safety handle isn’t operating normally, submit a work order for the M242 automatic gun to field-level maintenance for troubleshooting.
The maintainer will use WP 0056-00 of TM 9-1005-200-23&P (Jun 01 w/ch 2 Nov 06) to troubleshoot the M242 automatic gun. Make sure to do a visual inspection of the track assembly and inspect the safety pawl for dimensional conformity of the tang and lobe. The picture below shows you the difference between the right and wrong safety pawl.

Safety Pawl Tang should be 5.35mm +/‐ 0.15 wide
Safety Pawl Tang should be 5.35mm +/‐ 0.15 wide

Replace the non-conforming safety pawl with the conforming, serviceable part using WP 0056-00 of TM 9-1005-200 23&P (Jun 01 w/ch 2 Nov 06).
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