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NEWS | Nov. 5, 2021

Training: 92W Virtual Resources

Operation Thirsty Camel
Photo by Maj. Jason Sweeney
The US Army Quartermaster School’s Petroleum & Water Department (QMS-PWD) has developed training tools via the Army Virtual Learning Environment (AVLE) to enhance the 92W (Water Treatment Specialist) learning experience.

QMS-PD is extending its operational reach to all learning domains to enhance the 92W continuum and allow Soldiers out in the operational force, through these reach-back training tools, to maintain technical proficiency through self-development and sustainment training.

These virtual tools are available at the Army Sustainment Resource Portal (ASRP) and can be accessed without a CAC. Soldiers worldwide now have digital training enablers (DTEs) and instructional videos on the most critical tasks of a 92W at their fingertips.
QM 92W Virtual Training Resources

Access training through ASRP portal

Lessons can be downloaded on any computer and Android devices (mobile phones, tablets, etc.). At this time, the iPhone is not supported but it will be in future projects. This resource allows units to train on organic water equipment and equipment not in their inventory to maintain technical proficiency and increase unit readiness and lethality.

Visit the ASRP 92W repository:
For 92L and 92L digital training, go to:
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