NEWS | Oct. 14, 2021

Aviation: Help PM the TM

The Army provides maintainers and mechanics with a lot of equipment —systems, subsystems and components—that requires a lot of preventive maintenance (PM).

That equipment comes with TMs or IETMs that tell you how to use and maintain the equipment properly. But these pubs themselves often need PM, and you supply it with DA Form 2028, Recommended Changes to Publications and Blank Forms.

Use DA Form 2028 if you find an error in the tech manual that you’re using, or if you want to submit a request to change a procedure or have a suggested improvement. Once received at AMCOM, equipment specialists, engineers, and other specialists may assist in reviewing your 2028 submission.

For AMCOM-managed equipment, you can submit a DA Form 2028 from within your interactive authoring and display system (IADS) software program. After selecting the view tab, select DA Form 2028s and submit it electronically to AMCOM (you will need to be connected to the internet for this). IADS also keeps a record of all 2028 submissions and their status. You can download the software at:
If you don’t have IADS software loaded on your computer, use the AMCOM website's automated DA Form 2028 at:
You can also submit 2028s by email, fax or by snail mail using the information below:


(256) 842-6546

Commander, US Army Aviation and Missile Command
Redstone Arsenal, AL 35898-5000
 AMCOM will provide a case number to each DA Form 2028 originator within five (5) workdays after receipt. Normally, replies citing the action taken or the reason for non-adoption will be returned to the originator within 45 workdays. In some cases, a return reply might take longer. Some technical change requests require an approval from the Systems Readiness Directorate and the Directorate of Evaluation and Standards.

Make a note that you’ll have to establish a user account to access the AMCOM 2028 Online and AMCOM Draft 2028 websites. The website is CAC-enabled.

The AMCOM 2028 Online is where maintainers or anyone with CAC access can submit DA Form 2028s against active fielded manuals. AMCOM Draft 2028 is the location someone can submit 2028s against draft publications.

Changes won’t happen without your input. So take the time that’s needed to gather the facts about what needs updating and complete the 2028. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s very helpful to attach or send pictures, documents, and PDF work packs noted with the change request. All information you provide helps lead to a quicker decision. And it’s not just you that benefits. Your recommended changes could positively impact the entire Army.