NEWS | Sept. 22, 2021

M17/M18 MHS: Loaded Chamber Indicator & Rear Sight Maintenance Tips

Dear Half-Mast,
With some of the M17 pistols coming in for maintenance, we’ve found that the loaded chamber indicator (LCI) is no longer sitting flush after being used on the range. Also, the weapons are coming in with loose rear sights.
Can you help?
Mr. S.B. 

Dear Mr. S.B.,
Certainly. Here’s what units need to know.

Too much packing grease in the LCI area can mess it up. Having grease or other preservatives caked in that area will cause the LCI to stay stuck in the up position even if the chamber is empty. The way to fix the problem is to properly clean the area. Cleaning the weapon will allow the LCI to move up and down as intended.
Loaded chamber indicator
Loaded chamber indicator

If you’re having trouble with the rear sight coming loose, TACOM’s Maintenance Information Message, MA 21-006, which was issued on 27 Oct 20, can help. With your CAC, you can get the full message at:
All rear sights should be inspected, cleaned and reinstalled using the new procedures in MA 21-006. Also, there are new torque specs, and adding a drop of Loctite 243, NSN 8030-01-620-3313, prevents the sight from coming loose. Note that the rear sight screw will no longer be a mandatory replacement part.
You’ll see these changes in a future update to TM 9-1005-470-10 (Mar 16) and TM 9-1005-470-23&P (Jun 16).
By the way, operators should inspect the front sights for looseness or damage, too.