NEWS | Sept. 8, 2021

M139 Mine Dispenser: Don’t Delay, Do PMCS Today!

U.S. Army Engineers demonstrate American mine dispensing capabilities for the Polish army
Photo by Sgt. Kris Wright
Operators and maintainers, don’t wait until you’re preparing to deploy or go on an NTC rotation to make sure your M139 Volcano (mine dispenser) works like it should.

Replacement parts for the Volcano can be hard to come by, so you need to identify deficiencies now. There are a couple of ways you can reduce downtime and maintain readiness.
  • First, do the PMCS checks in TM 9-1095-208-10-1 (Jul 92, w/Ch 10, Feb 13). That’ll help you evaluate your Volcano and give you plenty of lead time to order any replacement parts.
  • Second, “exercise” your Volcano at least once every 12 months, preferably more often. If it sits longer than that, the dispenser control unit and launcher rack electrolytic capacitors lose their charge and may develop permanent shorts.
The best way to track when your Volcano was last exercised is to annotate it on a DA Form 2408-4, Weapons Record Data card. Then you can easily tell when the 12-month deadline is coming up. The 2408-4 is where you’ll also record when the Volcano was last fired and when the capacitors were charged by direct usage.

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