NEWS | Aug. 27, 2021

UH-60M: Remove Stabilator Bolts the Right Way

Rear view of a UH-60A Black Hawk helicopter
Photo by Pierre Courtejoie
Mechanics, if you’re having problems removing the stabilator from your aircraft because the attachment bolts are stuck, using a hammer and a brass bar on the bolts will only damage them.  Brute force isn’t the way to go, but there’s another way.  

There’s a stabilator pin removal clamp (SPRC), NSN 5340-01-688-0350, in WP 0623 of TM 1-1520-280-23&P (Mar 21) that you can use to remove the bolts without causing damage.

Click on the image below to open a PDF that provides details about the SPRC tool and information on how to order and use it.
 Stabilator pin removal clamp (SPRC) PDF link
Click on image above to open PDF with more details