NEWS | Aug. 27, 2021

AGSE: For Want of an ALUMMC Windshield Bolt

Dear Sergeant Blade,

In WP 0132 (Maintainer Maintenance Windshield Assembly) of the aviation light utility mobile maintenance cart’s (ALUMMC) TM 1-1740-213-13&P (Feb 16), mushroom bolts are needed to secure the windshield. The work package shows the parts for the windshield, but it doesn’t list an NSN for the mushroom bolt itself. Is there an NSN for the mushroom bolt?
CW2 R.T.

Dear Chief R.T.,

The short answer about the mushroom bolt is that there's no NSN in the TM. Here’s why...

The ALUMMC TM does show the mushroom bolt as Item 2 in the figure below.
Schematic showing mushroom bolt location
Schematic showing mushroom bolt location
However, it's not listed as a separate part in the RPSTL. Instead, it's a subset of the latch kit (Item No. 7 in the table and figure below from pages 0156-75 and 0156-76 in the TM).
​Mushroom bolt is a subset of the latch kit (Item No. 7)
Mushroom bolt is a subset of the latch kit (Item No. 7)
Schematic showing Item #7 in which mushroom bolt is a subset
Schematic showing Item #7 in which mushroom bolt is a subset

The only option available to get the mushroom bolt is to order the latch kit, PN AM141842, CAGE 0XWZ3. Even though Item 7 has an SMR code of PAFZZ, it currently doesn't have an NSN assigned.

It’s common with AGSE products, including the ALUMMC, for NSNs to drop off or never get assigned, especially with commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products. In these circumstances, the parts are typically ordered “off-line” or as a non-standard requisition. In other words, they are ordered directly from a vendor identified as a supplier in the DLA Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Program. In this case, it’s John Deere®.

PD-AGSE asks that whenever units order AGSE parts using these procedures that they also submit a help request by email to the AGSE Help Desk at:
When submitting the help request, please include the part number, CAGE code, and figure number and item number from the TM for the part that doesn’t have an NSN assigned. This information will assist PD AGSE in capturing non-NSN part demand and aid the assignment or re-instatement of an NSN for the requested part.

Follow these steps to complete a non-standard requisition:
  1. Create a Non-Standard Material Master Request (ZNONSTD)
  2. Add Non-Standard Material to Work Order (/N/ISDFPS/DISP_EQU_SIT).
  3. Procure a non-standard item from National (A0B) (SBWP).
These transactions have detailed instructions presented as guides and job aids. They’re available in the GCSS-Army End User Manual (EUM+) at:

You'll need your CAC to access.