NEWS | Aug. 27, 2021

PQAS-E: Time to Swap the Laptop Hard Drive

Do you own or maintain a Petroleum Quality Analysis System-Enhanced (PQAS-E)? If so, it’s time to swap the B300 Laptop W10 Internal HD (hard drive).

Expect a TACOM inventory management specialist to email or call your unit to verify a point of contact and unit address prior to mailing the new hard drive.

When the new hard drive is delivered, keep the shipping box because you’ll use it to send the old hard drive back for reuse. You’ll find the hard drive swap-out steps in WP 0095 of TM 10-6640-264-10 (Sep 17).

Before you swap out the hard drive, back up your data. The backup steps are covered in WP 0096 of the TM. Look in the section titled, BACKUP/RESTORE.

For more info, check out TACOM Maintenance Action Message (MAM) 21-049 and have your CAC handy:

Here's a link for the step-by-step installation instructions, which can also be found in TACOM MAM 21-049: