NEWS | Aug. 27, 2021

Fuel Tankers: Need an Alternator or Cooling Fan Belt?

Operators, be careful while ordering that alternator belt for your tanker trailer. Older model tanker trailers use a different belt than the newer models. That’s because they have different-sized alternator pulleys.
The NSN currently listed in TM 9-2330-339-23P (Dec 15) for the alternator belt used in the M967A1, M969A1 and M969A2 models is incorrect. If you order that belt, you’ll get a 30-inch belt. It’ll fit, but you won’t be able to tighten it enough to meet the tension requirements. That’s because it should be a 28-inch belt!

DA 2028s have been submitted to fix the NSNs in the TM, so jot this down until the TM is updated.
Schematic showing the alternator belt
Schematic showing the alternator belt

Here’s a complete list of M967 and M969 alternator belt NSNs:
Model Alternator Belt
NSN 3030-
M967A1 00-822-2411
M967A1P1 00-822-2411
M969A1 00-822-2411
M969A1P1 00-822-2411
M969A2 00-822-2411
M969A2P1 00-822-2411
M967A2 01-457-8833
M967A2P1 01-457-8833
M969A3 01-457-8833
M969A3P1 01-457-8833
Need a Cooling Fan Belt?
To get the cooling fan belt for any model that’s listed in the table, use NSN 3030-01-457-8833, PN ED0024400340-S. By the way, that NSN also covers the belts for the earlier models of fuel tankers that have the Lombardini engine installed.
Schematic showing the cooling fan belt
Schematic showing the cooling fan belt