NEWS | Aug. 17, 2021

JLTV: A/C Lines and Radiator Tube Interference

JLTV Maintenance
Photo Courtesy of TACOM
Some fielded A1-series JLTVs have been found with coolant tubes contacting the A/C line fitting on the coolant hose assembly. The primary causes are line routing and their close proximity to each other. Vibrations during vehicle operation can cause a wear mark on the aluminum coolant hose.

Continued wear on the hose may lead to a coolant leak, which could cause the vehicle to overheat. So far, no failures of the cooling system have been reported; however, maintainers can take a proactive approach and prevent the problem by installing two p-clips, either at the first opportunity or during annual services. The link below shows you how:

Get more information by checking out TACOM Maintenance Action Message 21-030 at:

The message identifies vehicles impacted; otherwise, the two p-clips have been installed in production.