NEWS | Aug. 3, 2021

HMMWV: Ordering Steering Gear

Photo Courtesy of TACOM
Dear Half Mast,

My unit has been trying to order a steering gear (also known as the pitman arm) for an M1097R1 HMMWV that still has the older steering box and system. FED LOG lists an acquisition advice code (AAC) of X (semi-active item; no replacement with stock on-hand) for the item.

The part is shown as Item 7 in Fig 180 of TM 9 -2320-280-13&P (Jan 14). It’s circled in the image below.

RPSTL Illustration: TM 9 -2320-280-13&P, (Jan 14), Figure 180
RPSTL Illustration: TM 9 -2320-280-13&P, (Jan 14), Figure 180
Do you know if there’s a kit upgrade or a new NSN assigned to the item?

                                                                                                SFC A.H.
Dear Sergeant,
As of May 2021, FED LOG listed the steering gear/pitman arm with an AAC of D (stocked item), so you can order it now. 

Also, while TACOM was working on a solution to supply the part, they approved harvesting it from excess equipment.

To view the NSNs, click on the milSuite link below (don't forget you'll need your CAC). There you'll view this same article but with NSNs included:

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