NEWS | July 23, 2021

All Aircraft: Check 2410 Flagged Components in Database

Mechanics, it’s a good practice to always check flagged 2410 components in the Maintenance Consolidated Database System (MCDS) when installing aircraft components. In fact, users should log into the MCDS and look for flags before installing any component.

Make a note that the Aircraft Notebook (ACN) won’t notify end users of any flags on components. Flags that may affect aircraft or their components could range from Safety of Flight inspections, ACN conversion errors, configuration errors, incorrect hours on components, and many other concerns that would lead the end user to communicate with the 2410 hotline to discuss an issue.

Currently, there are some Apache and Black Hawk engines operating with active flags. The DA Form 2410 history shows flagged engines. To see what flags look like MCDS, click on this link (you’ll need your CAC to access):
If the box is checked next to Flags, then click on Flags to read what the concern is with that specific part.