NEWS | July 14, 2021

Generators: Hunting for Terminal Clips

Soldiers working on a generator
Photo by Sgt. Dustin Biven
Dear Half-Mast,

Our unit has a lot of missing terminal clips on the generators we service, from 2K up to 60K. These are the terminal clips that go on the ends of the terminal studs that you hook your output cables to.

Can we just order the terminal clips instead of having to buy the entire terminal studs, in order to get the clips that go on the ends of them?  Buying the terminal studs seems like wasted money versus just buying a bag of clips if they’re available.
Plus, according to the TMs I’ve read, if a terminal clip is missing, it deadlines that generator until that clip is replaced.

Dear Sergeant J.K.,

You’re right that tactical quiet generators (TQGs) are NMC if the clips are missing, but double-check the TM for each specific generator set. For example, if you look at Item 19 in WP 0011-5 of TM 9-6115-642-10 (Sep 10) for the 10kW TQG, it states in the PMCS “before inspection” for the electrical system: output box assembly, that if the output terminals have damaged or missing hardware, then the equipment is not ready/available.

Note that on the newer advanced medium mobile power source (AMMPS) sets, the -10 level PMCS doesn’t specify the terminal retaining clip as a deadlining item.

Although the terminal clips aren’t sold separately, CECOM says the workaround described in our article on Pages 48-49 of PS 573 (Aug 00) is still valid. You can download the story here.

Even the nonelectrical wire, NSN 9505-00-596-1662, mentioned in the article for the larger generators is still good. It’s available from DLA for $34.62. One unit of issue will bring you a 10-lb, 456-ft coil.