NEWS | July 6, 2021

Black Hawk: Aircraft Decon Video Now Available

A U.S. Army HH-60M Black Hawk helicopter with Charlie Company, 3rd Battalion, 126th Aviation Regiment (Air Ambulance), Vermont Army National Guard, lands in a parade field at Camp Ethan Allen Training Site in Jericho, Vt. May 14, 2016.
Photo by Spc. Avery Cunningham
Mechanics, when it’s time to decontaminate your H-60 Black Hawk, check out the instructional video for bloodborne pathogen decontamination on the Utility Helicopter Project Office (UHPO) website hosted on the JTDI portal:
You’ll find the video on the UHPO/H-60/Training page. For units that are actively pulling the JTDI tech pubs, the download package will be available locally on the Blackhawk/Training page.

Make a note that the video mainly addresses the MEDEVAC community. It instructs units on how to properly clean a MEDEVAC aircraft exposed to blood soils, like it says in Appendix B of TM 1-1500-344-23-2 (Aug 14).

Many common disinfectants are very caustic to metals, such as aircraft structure. The materials listed in Para 28 of Appendix B of the TM are pH neutral and approved for use on Army aircraft.

Also, the video demonstrates the proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and approved disinfectants that don’t harm aircraft structures when mixed, based on manufacturer recommendations. The video uses the same navigation features and index access as previously-posted videos for “Wash and Lube” and the “90-Day CCI Inspection."

Remember that the info found in the respective TMs outweighs the video content (that is, if there's a discrepancy between the two, err on the side of the TM).