NEWS | June 21, 2021

UH-60/AH-64/CH-47: Turn in Unserviceable ARC-231 Parts for Repair

Mechanics, getting serviceable parts is essential to keeping your aircraft mission ready.

Check your back shops for the ARC-231 receiver transmitter, NSN 5821-01-500-4770, and the KAB mount, NSN 5975-01-555-9367. If you have these parts in your area, turn them in now through normal supply channels.

Here’s where you turn in the parts:
Receiver Transmitter 1808A
NSN 5821-01-500-4770
DLA Distribution
Spec Handling FAC PH 570 615 7354
Building 13 6th Street
Tobyhanna PA 18466

ARC-231 receiver transmitter
ARC-231 receiver transmitter
KAB Mount
NSN 5975-01-555-9367
W1A8 DLA Dist-Tobyhanna
Marked for B16 stock, Condition Code:
Gibbs and Fifth Streets
Warehouse 6 Bay 4
Tobyhanna PA, 18466-5059

KAB mount
KAB mount

Remember, it’s also important to turn in unserviceable equipment. Depot maintenance and overhaul programs depend on you to turn in unserviceable parts for repair. Not doing so leads to low serviceable stock supply, critical supply system shortages, and longer wait times for other units to receive serviceable equipment. Then readiness takes a hit.       
Got questions? Email the item manager, Paula Wilson, at: