NEWS | June 9, 2021

H-60A/L/M: NSNs for IVHMU Battery Cover Screws

One of the many aircraft buzzing about during the Box Tour Aug. 17 was this Black hawk from the 1st Battalion, 5th Aviation Regiment.
Photo by Patricia Dubiel
This article initially appeared in PS 796 (Mar 19), p. 24.


Some Black Hawk integrated vehicle health management units (IVHMUs) are getting turned in for missing or stripped 3.6V battery cover screws.

The  H-60A/L/M IETM doesn't list NSNs or part numbers for the replacement screws and washers. It only references ordering the next higher assembly. The short screws and washers go along the forward vertical side. The long screws and washers are for the aft vertical side of the battery cover.

Place short screws with washers along forward vertical side;
Place long screws with washers along aft vertical side.

Until the IETM is updated, make a note of these NSNs:
Item NSN PN Qty
Screw (short) 5305-00-253-5353 NAS1352C04-5 6
Screws (long) 5305-00-959-0379 NAS1352C04-6 8
Washers 5310-00-595-6211 MS15795-803 14