NEWS | May 28, 2021

M149 Water Trailer: Torque Specs for U-bolts

Dear Half-Mast,

While working on my M149 water trailer, specifically work package (WP) 0047 that’s in TM 9-2330-267-13&P (Dec 15), I noticed there’s no torque specifications for tightening the nuts on the U-bolts that hold the axle to the trailer.

Can you help get me the torque specifications for the U-bolts?

Dear C.W.,

I sure can and you’re right! TM 9-2330-267-13&P (Dec 15) doesn’t show the torque specifications in WP 0047, but that’s getting fixed.

Torque the four (4) nuts in three (3) stages, using the modified figure with the torque info below.
  • For Stage 1, torque them to 60 ft lbs;
  • For Stage 2, torque them to 120 ft lbs;
  • For Stage 3, torque them to 175 ft lbs. 
Correct torque specifications for axle replacement
Correct torque specifications for axle replacement (see note below)

Keep this handy until the TM is updated.

NOTE: There is no correlation between the numbering (1-6) on the left side of the diagram and the u-bolt numbering (1-4) on the right side.