NEWS | May 7, 2021

M969 Fuel Tanker: Get the Latest Separator News

Photo courtesy of TACOM
Here's some need-to-know info for your M969-series fuel tankers.
Fuel/Water Separator
There’s an old model and a new model separator. How do you know which fuel/water separator model you have installed? That’s easy! Just check the information on the separator data plates (highlighted by the yellow boxes below).
Fuel/water separator data plates
Fuel/water separator data plates
The old model fuel/water separator was manufactured by Eastern Technologies. The M969A3 and M969A3P1 fuel tankers will only have the new model separator, NSN 4330-01-524-9490, which is manufactured by M.E. Industries.

The fuel tankers listed in the following table could have either the old or new model fuel/water separator installed.
Fuel Tanker NSN 2330-
M969A1 01-155-0048
M969A1P1 01-527-4879
M969A2 01-377-9337
M969A2P1 01-527-4880
TACOM tied the NSN for the old model separator to the new model’s NSN. Simply put, you’ll get the new model when you order the fuel/water separator, even if you used the old model’s NSN.

Here’s another important note about the separator: In the parts list, some parts are shared by both separator models.

Click on the following PDF link to see both models of fuel/water separators with their complete parts lists. You’ll want to pay close attention to the changes highlighted in red.
Drain Valve Assembly
This info only applies to the drain valve assembly on M969A1, M969A1P1, M969A2 and M969A2P1 fuel tankers.

Just like the fuel/water separators, there are two (2) models of drain valves that can be on either the old or new model separator. For example, the vehicle could have a new model separator, but an older model drain valve assembly.
Old model drain valve assembly
Old model drain valve assembly
New model drain valve assembly
New model drain valve assembly
Drain Plate Assembly (M969A3/M969A3P1)
The M969A3 and M969A3P1 fuel tankers don't use a drain valve assembly like the older model tankers. Instead these newer models of fuel tankers use a drain plate assembly that mounts to the bottom of the separator.
M969A3-series drain plate assembly
M969A3-series drain plate assembly
Also, the M969A3 fuel tankers have an electronic float sensor that sends a signal to the engine control panel and triggers the water level warning light when the water level is too high.
Water level warning light
Water level warning light
Want to see illustrations of the drain valve assemblies?  Just select the PDF:
Drain Valve Assemblies PDF
Keep this info handy until TM 9-2330-339-23P (Dec 15) is updated.